Skip a wash

Just hang the garment for airing either outside or hang it in the bathroom while showering, this way the steam will freshen it right up, also better for the environment

Wool detergent

When you do wash, make sure to use a special wool detergent, that does not contain enzymes (normal detergents are full of enzymes, that can destroy the fibres of the wool)

Wool cycle

Always use an appropriate wool cycle for machine washing, either the handwash function on the machine or the special wool programme or you can simply wash it by hand

After wash

Make sure to remove the garments from the machine as soon as the cycle is finished and reshape your garment, just by a gentle pulling of the fibres, so that shape will look as before wash and edges/sleeves lie flat when drying


It is recommended to store your woolen items in a cabinet or drawser, where you fold and stack it neatly. In this way, the garment retains its shape


In case the garment is ripped or has a stain, that you cannot get off, you can try to repair it or even using the opportunity to add a little customized detail, such as a flower embroidery or a smiley patch


We have chosen to focus on all the great qualities of the wool, preserving the essential features of the material, by not giving it a super-wash treatment, which means that the wool will actually still act like wool.

A super-wash treatment is sometimes added to make the wool unnaturally soft, but also stripping the wool garments of all the above-mentioned good qualities and features.

To maintain all the properties that naturally lies in the wool fibres, it is important to take care of your wool garments the right way, to ensure a longer life for the product.

Super soft surface

When the merino wool fibres are spun into yarns, it softens the surface of the yarn, leaving the knitted merino products super soft to the touch of the child’s skin.

Stretchability of the fibres

Wool fibres are stretchable, meaning that even knitted wool items are more stretchable than many other materials, and is therefore very comfortable for the child to wear, also for the active days

Temperature regulation

As wool is made to regulate the warmth of the sheep in summer and in winter it also keeps the same effect when knitted into a garment. So, when the child is wearing wool items, it will help regulate the temperature to warm up the child, when it is cold outside and to ventilate the child, when it is warmer outside, so it can be used all year round. Especially for a newborn it is crucial, as they do not have the possibility to regulate their own temperature yet

Self-cleaning properties

Wool from sheep is naturally self-cleaning, as it contains keratin which kills any bad smell and is also dirt repellent, brushing off any smaller stains

Conscious production

As we are a GOTS certified brand, we always strive to produce our garments in the best way for the environment, still making the most durable and long-lasting products, which is why our merino wool complies to all organic sustainable restrictions, using no harmful chemicals and securing the safety of the workers, that handle each product individually